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Welcome to the website for me, Emily Sara Wilson, currently at RISD working on my MFA in graphic design. From 2003-2009 this site operated as a marketing tool for my design studio, palolodeep design, and is now a showcase for past and present work. If ya want to check out who i worked with over the years click here.

Palolo wha?
Pronounced pah-low-low deep, I took the name from the Palolodeep Marine Reserve in Upolu, Samoa after a visit several years back. I identified with this natural gem as it epitomizes my love of travel and the outdoors as well as being a much more interesting name than my own.

If you like coral reefs click here to learn more about Samoa’s.

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For years pong was on this site providing distraction for many. Have a go yourself, its harder than it looks.